2023A/W collection special project <Part 1> Special collaboration with Canaria!

 2023 A/W collection
Special project <1st>
Special collaboration with Canaria!

Canaria is popular for her elegant casual style that values ​​her individuality.
(Instagram account name @canaria_rs)

She has gained a lot of sympathy from adult women on her blog “Canaria Style,” which describes her daily coordination and lifestyle, and SNS such as Youtube and Instagram .

We are planning a special collaboration item with Canaria! We will accept orders for a limited time.

Order period: From 7/23 22:00 to 8/2 10:00

Scheduled shipping: Scheduled for early to mid-September

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FIKA champagne Champagne ¥12,650
Orderable size 21.5~26.0㎝


Classic round-toe ballet shoes with a focus on silhouette and ease of walking. Lotta Design's classic design made with the drawstring method by skilled sewing machine craftsmen.

This time, we have selected a champagne color as the base color that goes well with any color. With a beige tape and ribbon that feels good on the skin, it has a design that will blend in with your outfit regardless of the season.

The point is the soft base foil material that can be used in both rain and shine and is easy to clean.


A simple outfit with a beige top and light blue denim.

A mature casual style with a beautiful impression combined with a metallic champagne color on the feet!


CLOUDY LEOPARD Leopard jacquard ¥14,080
Orderable size 21.5~26.0㎝


Neat pointed ballet shoes with a narrow toe. It is a popular lottery design that focuses on ease of wear and appearance, as it does not spread the legs too much and the valgus part is easy to fit.

By using a binder tape that gently holds the foot on the opening, the tape does not dig into the foot, and it is designed to keep your feet comfortable.

This time, we have selected a leopard pattern that uses jacquard fabric with an expressive look! Finished with a stylish item that can be a focal point of coordination.


A beautiful impression with black denim. Subtraction coordination with mainly juice that shines with leopard print ♪

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canaria × LOTTADESIGN. Collabo item

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