About sustainable manufacturing_LWG certified leather.

This time, when dealing with leather at LOTTADESIGN., we visited a tanner (leather manufacturer) in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, who is engaged in sustainable manufacturing.

Many leather tanners gather in Tatsuno City and Himeji City, and tanning and dyeing are thriving areas. This time, we visited the only leather company in Japan that has obtained "LWG certification".

Please tell me more about "LWG certification".

[What is LWG certification?]

An abbreviation for Leather Working Group, it is an international organization that carries out enlightenment activities such as quality, safety, and environmental considerations for leather. Founded in 2005, it now includes most of the world's most famous brands and handles materials from LWG-certified tanners. In order for a tannery to receive LWG certification, it is necessary to clear over 200 types of restricted substance restrictions, factory equipment, and traceability standards from raw material procurement to the final process.

↑North American cow skin. It is salted.

We deal in the highest quality North American daily steer as a by-product of cowhide.

By the way, from the point of view of animal welfare, we do not handle calf or kip, which are calves.

The raw skins are soaked in a lime solution to remove hair, fat, and dirt (beam house process). After the finishing process, it becomes a single piece of leather.

↑Leather is dyed with a large drum. Strict standards are set for the consumption of water used for dyeing, and they are cleared.

The dyeing process, which is sensitive to temperature, is kept at a constant water temperature in a deep well, minimizing color variations.

↑ The powdered leather that comes out in the process of processing is also reused.

After going through these processes, the finished leather is shipped to a leather wholesaler.

Leather carefully finished in many processes.

Shoes made to order from leather with a story.

I would be happy if you could wear it with attachment while enjoying the aging while taking care of it.