About shoe repair

[About repair]

・Since the shoe production factory does not specialize in repairs, we can only accept simple repairs, but we recommend that you consult a nearby shoe repair shop for repairs that have worn out over time, such as reupholstering the soles. To do.

・We accept repairs only for LOTTADESIGN. order products.

・We do not accept repairs for selected products including products made overseas and collaboration products.

・We do not accept items that have not been purchased on the LOTTADESIGN. website or in stores. (Including sale, sample sale, etc.)

​< Items that cannot be repaired>

・Items with damaged or torn uppers cannot be repaired. Including heel wear.
・You cannot put a cushion under the insole. We recommend using commercially available insoles.

・If it cannot be repaired and needs to be remade, even if only one leg is remade, it will take time to remake one pair, so the price is quoted for one pair.

・It may not be possible to procure materials for discontinued products.

​< Other precautions>

□ The repair amount is an approximate guide. It may vary depending on the state.
□ The period and fee vary depending on the material and production area.

<Repair request>

Please contact us using the contact form below, or

Take a picture of the area you want to repair and send it to us by email.

We will check the condition of the product, repair points, etc. together with the customer.

The customer is responsible for the shipping costs for repairs.

We will show you the amount including the shipping fee at the time of the estimate. We only accept credit card payments through our online invoice.

The repair period will take about 2 weeks. (Delays may occur due to ordering repair parts, etc.)

LOTTADESIGN Original Order Shoes Repair Estimate

Repair item
Estimated price
insole replacement
We will give you an estimate as it depends on the material.
double leg lift replacement ¥1,500〜 If you cannot replace only the lift, such as the original product is scraped to the heel, we will replace the heel. Items that have been used frequently and are worn out may not be repairable due to concerns about their strength.
double heel replacement ¥3,000〜

The price is the same for one leg.

Depending on the condition of the shoes (the state of wear), they may not be repairable due to lack of strength.
Due to strength issues, the same shoe can only be replaced about once.

Please note that exchange of wedge heels cannot be repaired.

outsole replacement


The unit sole of ballet shoes cannot be replaced only for the heel part. Outsole will be replaced.

ribbon exchange
FIKA TIAM is not allowed. The amount and delivery date differ depending on the type of ribbon.
Bijou and other decorative parts. Impossible
Buckle (standard) Please contact us.

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