How to choose and measure shoes that fit your feet

Get to know Wise correctly

Wise (foot circumference) refers to the size of the big toe and the protrusion of the bone at the base of the little toe. Since it is a numerical value around the circumference, it does not indicate the width or height of the foot, but it can be used as a guide when choosing a size, so we recommend measuring it. Let's figure out the characteristics of your feet based on the width.

1) Measure your foot size.

Size measurement kit (Please print A4 size without scaling)

・Referring to the diagram, measure (1) foot length and (2) foot circumference. (Make sure to measure the width of your feet as well.)

・It is recommended to measure both feet as the size of the left and right foot is often different.

② Know your shoe size.

・Please check your size by referring to the size guide.

(Example in the table below: Foot length 227mm/Foot circumference 22.8mm In this case, 22.5 or 23.0cm is applicable, but I chose 23.0cm considering the swelling of my feet.)

Know the shape of your toes

In general, the shape of the toe is roughly divided into three types. Introducing recommended shoes for each feature.

egyptian mold greek type Square type
Foot shape with the longest big toe and a gentle curve from the index finger to the pinky finger
Foot with index finger longer than thumb
A footprint that is almost the same length from the thumb to the little finger
Round, oblique, and square shoes are recommended
Pointed,*shoes with a long throw away are recommended. *Discarded size = Space between toes and shoes
Square, wide and round shoes are recommended.
_ ☓ Short toe design △ Pointed toe

Other things to consider

□ The shape and size of the foot changes day by day due to swelling

Time of Day_Usually, the swelling is easier in the evening, and you may feel tighter.

Season_It is said that it is easy to swell in summer.

Choose the size according to the purpose of wearing.

Please choose the size according to the purpose of wearing, such as bare feet, socks, stockings, etc.

Overseas size display and standards

Standards for size display are different in Japan and overseas.

About bunions

If your bunion hits, you may be able to stretch it a little with a point stretcher, so please consult your local shoe repair shop.

□ About the arch of the foot

 If you wear shoes that do not fit your feet for a long time, the arch of the foot may collapse. Collapse of the arch causes not only tired and swollen feet, but also symptoms such as bunions, splayed feet, flat feet, and curved fingers.
Exercises such as toe goopers and heel raises and lowers and wearing arch support socks Prevent it with daily care and walking with correct posture using your toes and heels.
Shoes that don't fit your feet tend to be pumps with high heels, but the same applies to loose shoes. Wear sneakers and mouton boots that fit your size.
How to choose shoes with a deep instep
The height of the instep is the height in front of the arch starting from the tip of the foot.
Shoes with a deep instep are related to the height of the instep. If you have a high instep, choose one that can be adjusted with a string or elastic.
Tie your lace-up shoes firmly to secure your instep.
□ How to choose sandals
The foot shape of the sandal is called the ball base.
When choosing the size of a sandal (a design with open toes and heels), we recommend that you choose a size that has a heel curve of about 5 mm from the ball base for general sandals.
Isn't it small if the heel is a little out? However, especially in the case of heeled sandals, having the heel in the correct position maintains the center of gravity and affects the ease of walking.
We recommend a design that has a close toe shape and ball base.
□ About shoe size notation
In order to refer to the size of shoes, it is basic to compare the size of similar types of shoes made in Japan.
Japanese-made wooden molds are produced based on the characteristics and numerical values ​​of Japanese feet.
The items below are difficult to compare, so we recommend measuring your own feet.
・Sneakers → There is a difference in size depending on the brand.
・Shoes made in Japan are also labeled as European sizes → Because of the brand's own size.
・Overseas size (import brand) → Because there is a slight difference from the centimeter notation and the width may be thin.
・Comfort shoes, wide shoes