How to care for your shoes

[How to care for shoes by material]

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Various materials, parts, and adhesives are used for shoes in addition to the main body material. Basically, high temperature and high humidity, direct sunlight, and dirty storage will accelerate the deterioration of each part, so please do not leave it wet, do not store it the day you wear it, and remove dirt frequently. Take care.

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Enamel material

・The enamel material is a base fabric, a microfiber base, or a material processed with polyurethane to add texture and color to leather. The surface is relatively resistant to rain.


1.Apply enamel cleaner to a soft cloth.

2・3. Wipe off the dirt.

4. Wipe dry.

5. Restores the original luster of enamel.

*Waterproof spray is not required.

[Items used]

● Boot black silver line enamel lotion

Synthetic leather/artificial leather

・It is a material that processed the texture and color with polyurethane on the base fabric and microfiber base. The surface is relatively resistant to rain.


1. Remove dust with a soft bristle brush.

2.Apply the special cleaner to a soft cloth.

2. Wipe off the dirt.

4. Apply AMeDAS (waterproof spray) all over. (* Must be used outdoors)

5. Completion

[Items used]

● Boot Black Silver Line Two Face Lotion

AMeDAS waterproof spray

suede nubuck

[Leather suede nubuck]

It is a moist and soft material with buffing on the back side of the leather.


1・2. Remove dirt with a soft sponge.

3. Protect the leather with a nourishing mist.

* For finishing, apply AMeDAS (waterproof spray) to the entire surface. (* Must be used outdoors)

4. Completion

[Polyester suede, synthetic leather suede, etc.]

It is a material that has been brushed on fibers and microfiber suede.


1・2. Remove dirt with a soft sponge.

3. Do not use nutrition mist.

* For finishing, apply AMeDAS (waterproof spray) to the entire surface. (* Must be used outdoors)

4. Completion

[important point]

​・Polyester materials may transfer color to materials such as leather, polyurethane, and rubber. Please be careful with light colored clothing.

[Items used]

●Leather Cure Nubuck Suede Nourishing Mist

● Mouton puff

Leather (genuine leather)

・Genuine leather is a material that ages well the more you wear it.


1. Remove dust with a soft bristle brush.

2.Apply the special cleaner to a soft cloth.

3. Please try the cleaner from an inconspicuous part.

4. Wipe off the dirt.

5. Take the delicate cream on a cloth.

6. Apply delicate cream.

7. Take the shoe polish on a cloth.

8. Spread the shoe cream thinly and evenly over the entire shoe.

9.Brush to create a glossy finish.

10. Apply AMeDAS (waterproof spray) all over. (* Must be used outdoors)

11. Completion

[Items used]

● Boot Black Silver Line Two Face Lotion

●Boot Black Silver Line Cream Black



To prevent color fading and fading, and to prevent wetness and stains such as rain, apply a waterproof spray before putting down your shoes (please follow the instructions to avoid dripping). When cleaning, lightly brush with a suede brush.

・For materials with foil processing, the foil will fall off due to friction. Use a soft bristle brush or dry cloth.

Special materials (foil materials, sequins, fur, etc.)

・Items with decorations such as ornaments and ribbons ・For delicate materials, use a soft brush or cloth to remove dust. Do not pull or rub it.

・Scratches and wear on the foil material cannot be repaired. Also, please be careful as the foil part can be peeled off with nail polish remover.

Lace, tulle, etc.

・Use a soft brush to gently remove dust from delicate materials such as lace, tulle, and fabric laminated together. Be sure to test the waterproof spray on an inconspicuous area before using. Be careful not to pull or rub it. Also be careful not to get your heels or toes caught.

Precautions about waterproof spray

・If the waterproof spray is applied until it drips, the ingredients may harden and become whitish when dry, so please use the product according to the correct usage (30-50 cm away, always outdoors). Some materials cannot be used depending on the product, so please be sure to check.

・In the unlikely event that a whitish phenomenon occurs, it may be reduced by applying warm air from a dryer or the like about 1m away. (Be careful not to apply too much heat.)

NG care

・Do not use volatile organic solvents such as benzene or thinner. Synthetic leather and leather in particular may cause deterioration of the surface film.

・Do not wash in a washing machine. Waterproofing is only on the surface, the inside is not waterproof. It may cause deterioration or mold. If water gets into the insole from the inside due to rain, etc., remove the moisture as soon as possible and dry it in the shade.

・Avoid storing in direct sunlight or places with high temperatures. It may cause deformation, deterioration or discoloration.

・Please be careful of color transfer. The color may transfer depending on the ingredients and compatibility of the material, so please store it away from other items.

if it gets wet in the rain


・If you leave it wet, it may cause deterioration such as deformation and mold.

・Remove moisture with newspaper or a dry towel, and dry in a well-ventilated shade. After that, use a shoe keeper to prevent it from losing its shape.

・If the inside of the shoes gets wet, use newspaper or a dry towel to remove moisture. It is also recommended to use a desiccant such as silica gel.

For long-term storage

・Before storing off-season shoes, remove dirt and take care of them according to the material.

・In order to prevent it from losing its shape, stuff it with a shoe keeper or a softly rolled piece of paper to shape it.

・If you put it in a shoe box, make 4 holes in the shoe box to improve ventilation.

・Regularly open the door of the shoe closet to ventilate it, and devise ways to prevent heat and moisture from accumulating.

Dealing with adhesive odors

・Although the glue (adhesive) that is essential for making shoes does not have an irritating odor, the smell of glue remains in freshly made or grated shoes. If you are sensitive to the smell of glue, remove the shoes from the box and let them dry in a well-ventilated place in the shade for a few days to reduce the smell.

About FIKA TIAM Drawstring Ribbon

・FIKA and TIAM are made using the drawstring method by skilled sewing machine craftsmen.

・Since it goes around the opening of the main body, it is possible to adjust the foot insertion slightly. Untie the ribbon once and try tightening or loosening it. If the ribbon is untied, try tying it like in the video to make it more difficult to untie.