Understand the handling and characteristics of shoes

[When putting on shoes]

・For designs with heels, please wear them without crushing the heel. It may come off easily, and you may fall and get injured. Please use a shoehorn and tie the shoelaces firmly.

・Be careful when using high-heeled or low-heeled shoes. Since the toes are unstable, you may fall and injure yourself.

・Use with caution on rainy or snowy days. Moisture may permeate, color transfer, or slip.

・Due to the characteristics of the suede-like backing material, if the color of the backing material is dark, color transfer may occur. Especially when the lining is wet, light-colored socks are prone to color transfer, so please be careful.

・Please wear different shoes depending on the purpose. Shoes that are not suitable for their intended use cannot perform their intended functions and may cause injuries when falling.

・Should you experience an itch or rash, discontinue use immediately. The symptoms may worsen if you continue to wear it as it is.

・When stored for a long time, polyurethane soles and fabrics may be damaged due to deterioration over time, so please check carefully before wearing them. In particular, storage in places with high temperature and humidity or extreme temperature differences may accelerate deterioration.

・Please note that polyester suede, natural leather, or unlined shoes may cause color fading to light-colored socks.


[When choosing the shoes]

・Understand the size and characteristics of your own feet and choose shoes that are comfortable to wear. Ill-fitting shoes can cause pain and fatigue.


[Some characteristics of the shoes]

・Shoes are partially made by machines, but all processes are done manually by craftsmen. Therefore, please understand that there may be errors in each item.

・Shoes are made up of various parts. Please understand that metal parts such as the nail that is driven into the heel and the shank that maintains the strength of the sole, the urethane material used for the cushion, the synthetic resin used for the sole, and the adhesive will deteriorate over time.

・Please understand that fabrics, especially hand-processed, handcrafted, vintage, mixed tweed, etc., may not be evenly distributed on the left and right, and individual differences may occur for each pair, so we do not accept them as defective products.

・Regarding glue stains, we are working to remove as much glue as possible from the bottom and upper surfaces, but please understand that some areas cannot be removed sufficiently.

・Removed stones from ornaments used in shoes are not eligible for returns, exchanges, or repairs.

・All items are inspected before shipping, but fine dirt and scratches that do not interfere with wearing are not covered as a reason for return.

[Example] A small amount of "glue" dirt/floats and gaps in the insole/wrinkles that occur when hanging / other products that are judged to be good products according to our standards.


[For shoes to be used in hot and humid environments]

・The materials used in the shoes deteriorate faster than they do over time in environments exposed to high temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight.

Symptoms of hydrolysis such as [the surface is sticky], [the surface peels off when rubbed with a finger], and [yellowing] cannot be repaired. Be sure to check the condition even when you put it on for the first time in a long time.