Estimated completion date of order shoes

For customers who have ordered:

We accept orders for LOTTADESIGN.'s original shoes in a semi-order format that minimizes surplus inventory but takes time to produce and deliver the shoes to the customers. Recently, an increasing number of customers have placed orders without knowing this process, especially since it takes time for the customers to receive the shoes. This information has been described on the product pages, and we would appreciate if you could understand it an place the order.


LOTTADESIGN.'s guideline for the progress of semi-order shoes.

・Currently, it is progressing with an average finish of about 40 days.

・There may be delays due to vacations in the production area, congestion, etc.

・In the case of bank transfer or convenience store payment, we will start production after payment.

・The general process from ordering to shipping is as follows.


 Preparing for production
[Creating production specifications for each order] → [Arranging materials]
In production ①
[Cutting] → [Gluing and sewing parts] → [Assembly] → [Sewing the entire body] → [Setting all parts]
In production ②
[Hanging_Molding according to the wooden pattern]→[Bottoming]→[Adding habit_After a few days with the wooden pattern, adjust the shape]
Final stage of production
[Remove the wooden pattern] → [Attach the insole] → [Finishing work and inspection] → [Packing] → [Shipping to our company]
Preparing to ship
[Inspection before shipment to the customer] → [Shipping]


The timeline is as follows:

order date Completion date/shipping date
September 12th ( Mon ) ~ September 18th (Sun)
Late October (October 20-31)
September 5th ( Mon ) ~ September 11th (Sun)
Mid-October (10/15~20)
August 29th (Mon) - September 4th (Sun)
Early October (October 5-15)
August 22 (Mon) - August 28 (Sun)
Early October (9/30~10/5)
August 15th (Mon) - August 21st (Sun)
Late September (9/20~31)
August 8th (Mon) - August 14th (Sun)
Mid-September (9/15~20)
August 1 (Mon) - August 7 (Sun)
Early September (September 5-15)



*If you do not receive a message after the above schedule, please contact us by email or LINE. We usually respond within 1-2 business days.

*When making inquiries, please include the order number or receipt number, the name of the person who ordered the product, and the date of purchase.

*Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a reply email. Also, please note that if you are using anti-spam measures, the reply will be an error, and you will not be able to send it.

* Due to irregular holidays, it is difficult to connect by phone. We kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us by phone.

*Individual correspondence is possible on LINE, please use it. 


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