Sustainable for LOTTADESIGN.



□Commitment to MADE TO ORDER

We manufacture in order format so that we can deliver products that you can look forward to and love. By selecting the order, we will suppress overproduction and reduce the loss of raw materials.

In order to maintain the technical level of the production area in Japan, we do business with appropriate prices and appropriate delivery times.

The order format, which minimizes the burden on the production side as much as possible, is based on a strong partnership between LOTTADESIGN. and manufacturers.

□ Selection of materials

When selecting materials, LOTTADESIGN. Recently, the number of environmentally friendly materials has increased, so the selection range has expanded compared to before, but it is also true that it is expensive. We will continue to work on it in the range that is not unreasonable for the selling price and condition.


・PET bottle recycled material

Eco-standard 100 inner material that minimizes the use of organic solvents

・Wool recycled material

・As for leather, we regard it as a by-product of edible meat, and select materials that have cleared strict standards for chemicals, materials, and traceability as much as possible. (About LWG certified leather → see BLOG )

□ About charity activities

LOTTADESIGN. supports the activities of the authorized NPO ACE by donating part of the sales of LOTTADESIGN. order shoes to the " Peace India Project" .

The "Peace India Project" is a project aimed at protecting children from dangerous child labor in cotton-producing areas and ensuring that they attend school. We are working to prevent child labor by ensuring that children go to public schools, and to break the vicious cycle of poverty and child labor by supporting the independence of girls and increasing the income of parents in poor households . This project can support one child's school lunch for one month for every ¥1,000 donated.

Authorized NPO ACE Click here for more information on our activities.