FIKA&TIAM and various stories.

LOTTADESIGN.'s signature items [FIKA] and [TIAM].

LOTTADESIGN. started from the decision of these two points of design.

Originally started as an atelier and design workshop, I thought about what kind of concept this small space would have when opening a shop on weekends.

Although it is a small town, there are many department stores and shopping centers such as Ginza, Nihonbashi, and Toyosu within a radius of 3 km that sell a lot of shoes.

Of course, there are many brands made by shoe manufacturers that we support designing.

Therefore, we wanted to provide shoes for our customers, together with customers who visit us, with minimal designs that are not influenced by trends.

[FIKA] [TIAM] came up with that idea.

It started as a custom order shop that can combine a lot of tape ribbons and body colors.

One shoe manufacturer understood this concept and supported us. After the approval of the owner, two staff will make arrangements.

As for the setup work, I understand the order related to the manufacturing of the shoes and take full responsibility until the finish.

First, we collect the materials while checking the specifications that we instructed. After pasting and cutting, it goes to the sewing shop.

At the sewing shop, a skilled craftsman selects sewing thread according to the color of the tape and sews it.

Among them, [FIKA] and [TIAM] are made by the "drawing string manufacturing method", a craftsmanship that inserts a ribbon cord between the tape and the main body and sews them together.

While there are many ballet shoes with only a ribbon attached, this manufacturing method allows you to slightly adjust the instep by untying the ribbon and pulling it tightly. (It is a manufacturing method like ballet toe shoes)

Depending on the customer, there is also a voice that it is "easy to unwind",

We think this distorted ribbon knot is indescribably more adorable than beautiful ribbons that are aligned on the left and right.

The two set-ups set it on the sewn main body wooden mold, and then they finally went to the hanging site.

Mold the body, apply heat, and have the bottom crimped. Again, this is left to the experts.

After removing the wooden pattern, the next step is to lay the insole, and finally inspect and finish.

There are many inspection points. Make sure the left and right sides are properly aligned, wipe off the glue stains, and clean the makeup before packing. Finally sent to Tokyo.

I can't get my head up to the staff who are checking all the flow up to this point.

That's why LOTTADESIGN. is able to provide shoes that make you feel a little excited, which is a wonderful collaboration between the creator and the customer. I am looking forward to the days waiting for the finish, and I hope you will love it♪

And this shop, which is only open on weekends, has started its fourth year this year.

I would like LOTTADESIGN.