Standard Oxford lace-up shoes with a slightly square toe line and a neat form. The stitching piece on the outsole gives it a traditional and chic look.

Square toe billower with a handsome face. Recommended for wide pants with a sense of volume.

Oxford-laceupshoes lace-up shoes

¥12,980 (tax included)

JILL-squareloafer square bit loafer black enamel

¥14,300 (tax included)

A track sole loafer that looks good on adults with a devised toeline cut. It's just the right thickness, so you can easily match it with your usual styling. The point is the stitching of the outsole piece.

These Gurkha shoes are soft and comfortable, and have a well-balanced light and voluminous sole. The mesh part is made by craftsmen one by one. Leather pieces are applied to the outsole for a one-rank finish. Coordination with socks is definitely recommended for the coming season.

Trucksole-loafer track sole loafer

¥13,750 (tax included)


¥13,970 (tax included)

Introducing the factory brand that collaborated with LOTTADESIGN. Both are factory manufacturers supported by many shoe brands. Various techniques, from wooden mold making to patterns and manufacturing processes, express the characteristics of the brand.


A factory brand with a reputation for trendy basic designs. We create shoes one by one with the consistent handiwork of craftsmen from cutting, sewing to finishing, with a moderate casual feel and comfort that can be worn every day.


A factory brand that has many fresh designs with a lady-like mode feeling in a casual style.