In addition to the seasonal form, the square toe is comfortable to wear with a sense of security. The design variations are also substantial this season. You will surely find your favorite!

A square toe that you want to pay attention to the texture of the material. Try incorporating mixed tweed and jacquard, which incorporate Japanese weaving techniques!


Wide Square Flat Yellow Tweed

¥10,780 (tax included)

<DALI> Square Braid Ribbon Ballet Leopard Jacquard

¥12,760 (tax included)

A masculine slip-on loafer with a long nose shoe and a piece attached to the outsole. The combination with this season's trendy wide tuck pants is the best!

<JILL> Square Bit Loafer

¥14.300 (tax included)

A gathered ballet with a deep cut that is useful in autumn and winter. The fit of the binder tape around the shoe and the softness of the insole and inner cushion make it so comfortable that you want to wear it all the time. It is a standard item of the factory brand.


3cm square heel deep ballet red enamel

¥11,880 (tax included)

<DALI> Square Gather Flat Khaki Enamel

¥10,780 (tax included)