CreemaSPRINGS project start!

This time, we designed room shoes that can be worn at home,
I was able to reach production!
I have been participating in the Creema SPRINGS project since November 15th.
We have prepared a full range of reward items,
please check it!
This project is also supported by LOTTADESIGN.
Activities of certified NPO ACE “Peace India Project”
We will donate part of the support amount to.
Until room shoes are completed
We usually make shoes that are worn outside, so we use a special manufacturing method unique to shoe craftsmen.
I use it in these room shoes.
Room shoes with a stylish and beautiful silhouette
I couldn't find it even though I looked for it, so
I wondered if I could somehow make use of the manufacturing method of shoes. . .
By chance, I consulted a paper stencil maker with whom I have had a relationship for over 20 years.
We were able to team up.
[Wood pattern]
The shape of the toe is important when making shoes.
Although it is soft, it has a firm shape,
I'm devising it so that the nuances of the wooden pattern come out.
Pointed toe with a little edge
It is stylish and looks good on both men and women.
After making a rough wooden pattern, we will match the pattern.
・Leather is wrapped around the outer edge to accentuate the design.
・Bag stitching is used so that the seams do not come out where the foot touches.
The pattern is made so that the heel is stepped on.
The heel is lined properly even if you step on it.
・This time, I have been making men's leather shoes for decades.
I also borrowed power from my father who is a pattern maker.
・For the core material used for the bottom, we adopted a board that is resistant to water considering that it can be washed.
In selecting the material this time,
We use materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible.
■Fabric room shoes We used soft and light shaggy wool type with recycled PET bottle thread. The inner fabric is an organic cotton jersey that is gentle on the skin.
(When washing, please use a detergent for fashionable clothes and press wash. Use a clothing brush to smooth the fur and dry naturally.)
・The pieces are wrapped in genuine leather for added accents.
・Suede-like material is pasted on the bottom.
■ Leather room shoes
・We carry out sustainable manufacturing,
We selected leather made by tanners in Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture.
He actually gave us a tour of the manufacturing process and taught us in detail about "LWG certification".
・Daily steer from North America, which is the highest quality cowhide by-product.
Soft and firm leather-like texture.
Stylish and sustainable room shoes for the coming season,
I would be happy if you could pick me up at home time.