A summer staple! Relax and wear [la gomma]

[la gomma] Stress-free sandals have arrived.

This season, in addition to the tongue type, there are 2 designs of the back band type.


When you put on the tongue type [LGW-1], your fingers spread out and it feels so good that you can't help but say "Wow!"

Thick stretch material on the instep and back gently wraps the foot. The V silhouette of the tongs is deep, so you can see your feet neatly.


[B-Band Sandals LGW-3B] debuted last summer and are already well received.

In fact, three years ago, development began at the request of a customer of LOTTADESIGN. "I'm not very good with tongs. I'm worried about walking with mules because it's not stable. I want tongs that don't have a band on the back."

The lagomma, which is made of stretch fabric and has an icon, is soft when worn, but has a new design that encourages walking when walking. After a lot of trial and error in development, we finally arrived at this design.

The stretch fabric gently supports the heel, and the instep prevents stretching, and gently presses the instep to encourage walking.

Stress-free, ageless relaxing sports sandals [la gomma]

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