[Start accepting orders on 3/15] 2024SS_Canaria collaboration items

This year as well, we have prepared collaboration items with Canaria as a special project for spring and summer♪
Canaria's profile
(Instagram account name @canaria_rs)
Elegant, with a focus on individuality
A popular influencer with a casual style.
The blog "Canaria Style" that describes daily coordination and lifestyle, Youtube,
From adult women on SNS such as Instagram
It has garnered a lot of sympathy.

Order start date and time: 3/15 18:00~
Estimated delivery schedule: Around 35 to 40 days
*Delivery time varies depending on the order date.
Color: Linen dots
Size: 22.0-25.5cm
14,630 including tax

Featuring a three-dimensional flocked finish
The original linen fabric is perfect for spring and summer.
At the opening of the shoe,
Using stretch tape that is gentle on your feet,
While reducing the hit
Comfortable fit♪

No.LO1120CA -S V
Color: Silver
Size: 22.0-25.0cm
13,530 yen including tax
Pointed ballet shoes with a slim toe.
The unit sole is flat and gives a casual impression.
The V-cut line at the opening adds a feminine loose feel.
You'll definitely look sophisticated just by wearing them.
Versatile flat shoes.

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Canaria × LOTTADESIGN. 2024SS Collabo item

Next time, Canaria's special coordination
We will introduce it on our BLOG! Look forward to it♪