Charity Information

Thank you very much for making a reservation for custom shoes. LOTTADESIGN. supports the activities of ACE, a certified NPO, by donating a portion of the sales of LOTTADESIGN.'s custom-made shoes once a year .

In August last year, the Peace India Project had achieved a certain level of results, and the project was brought to an end in order to move on to the next stage. This year, we will be making a donation to the Child Friendly Fund .

About the results of the [Peace India Project]

●To date, the project has enabled approximately 950 children of compulsory school age (6 to 14 years old) to be freed from labor and attend regular schools , and more than 3,500 children to receive education. became .
●Approximately 325 girls past compulsory school age are freed from dangerous work, receive basic education, and are now able to earn money through secure employment .

Project activities in the region will be handed over to SPEED, a local organization that has been working with us since the beginning, and ACE will be working on a project targeting a wider area of ​​Telangana with the aim of resolving child labor and building local communities where children are protected. are planning to start.

ACE, a certified NPO , has a purpose (organizational organization) to ``solve social issues that deprive children and young people of their rights in order to create a world where children and young people can build their lives and society according to their own will.'' We are an NGO born in Japan that is active with the raison d'etre of existence. In addition to educating children and supporting the self-reliance of poor families in the cotton-producing regions of India and the cocoa-producing regions of Ghana, we also collaborate with companies, educate consumers, and make policy recommendations to the international community and governments. Masu. We are also conducting research on child labor in Japan.