[2023A/W Collection Collaboration Project] 〈2nd〉Mai × LOTTADESIGN.

Mai (Instagram account name: @m_i_mm_a) is popular for posting beautiful coordination that combines elegance and adult cuteness.
As part of the collaboration project for the 2023 Fall/Winter Collection (Part 2), Lotta Design's new NEIGE design was planned together!

Order period▼
August 7th 22:00 - August 17th 10:00
*Limited materials/limited quantities are available on a first-come, first-served basis
Delivery schedule▼
Scheduled around October 10th
Bespoke item details▼
Product name: NEIGE (black dot)
Size: 22.0cm-25.0cm
Strap pumps NEIGE featuring an original glass bijou buckle that gives off a glittering luster.
This time, we have selected a polka dot cut jacquard fabric with a three-dimensional effect for the main body to create a wonderful design with a special feeling.
With a cute impression, the balance of the bijou is just the right amount to create an adult elegance.
It is the item which becomes the point of coordinates.

You can view the item page from 22:00 on August 7th.

Coordinates using collaboration items are also being introduced on Instagram!
Please check the coordination♪