[Held from 8/10] Notice of Yamashokudo x Fukadaso cafe charity bazaar

Notice of charity bazaar.

A charity bazaar held irregularly at Kiyosumi Shirakawa and Yamashokudo. Last spring, we also participated in LOTTADESIGN. This time, we will participate jointly at Fukadaso cafe where LOTTADESIGN. The main Fukagawa Hachiman Festival will also be held at this time of year, so we hope you will stop by while strolling around the bustling Kiyosumi Shirakawa area.


Mountain restaurant →

Fukadaso cafe→


Venue mountain dining room Fukadaso cafe (terrace side)
Thursday, August 10th
bazaar holiday
August 11 (Friday) Mountain Day
14:00-15:30 13:00-18:00
Saturday, August 12th
Sunday, August 13th
9:00-12:00 Cafe closed

* Please check the period and time for each venue.

[Sales items]

At LOTTADESIGN., we are planning to exhibit sample shoes and clothing used in photo shoots. Please stop by to find a bargain.

[About charity]

All proceeds from the charity sales will be donated equally to the following organizations that are supporting the disaster area through Yamashokudo. Please understand the contents and enjoy the bazaar.

-Japan Car Sharing Association (volunteer team for disaster recovery activities in Japan)

-slowart Izumi Fujita (Ukrainian refugees ☞ support activities in Poland)

-NPO Kodomo no Chikara (support activities with families at pediatric cancer centers in Japan)

●As this is a bazaar for collecting donations for the disaster area, we are unable to provide supplies. Please come and shop. Thank you for your understanding. It is possible to visit only for donations.

●Donations to the affected areas can be made at the Yamashokudo. After the bazaar sales are added up, we will send a remittance. (It is also possible to send money directly to the support organization as an individual. For support by friends and large donations, we will give you a pamphlet with a transfer form at the Yamashokudo. Please feel free to contact us.)

●The charity bazaar is not a market for commercial purposes like a flea market, but a bazaar for donating all sales to support groups.

*Only cash is accepted.

*Shoe samples are not for sale, so we do not accept repairs.

*Charity items cannot be returned or exchanged.

*Please bring your own eco bag.