LOOKBOOK_2021 Autumn&Winter Vol.1

The color of the tape ribbon and the main body can be combined.
Make your own shoes with your own color scheme.
A gentle beige color with a pink tinge.
A versatile color that suits various styles.
Even if you add an accent with dark tape such as wine or navy.
 FIKA-ENAMEL-PINKBEIGE カスタムオーダーシューズ ピンクベージュ・エナメル







Navy, green and orange mixed check fabric.
For shoes with various colors, don't worry about the color of your clothes, just wear them at will!
Even a bright red dress as shown in the picture.


 FIKA-FABRIC-MIXCHECK カスタムオーダーシューズ ミックスチェック








2021 Autumn&Winter  IMAGE PHOTO