BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather
BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather

BILLY-strap-black strap flat Black Leather

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Deep cut Mary Jane shoes.

The square pointed toe with a long nose gives the impression of a mode.

Recommended for volume silhouettes and long bottoms. Genuine leather with a surface feels like a mannish. You can also enjoy the original aging of leather.

Also compatible with color socks.



Uses LWG certified sustainable leather.LWG certification is leather that has cleared not only the quality and safety of leather, but also environmental considerations (standards for regulated substances, water consumption, factory equipment, and strict standards for traceability from raw materials to products). [Tatsuno leather], which is carefully made from raw leather, which is a by-product, is the only sustainable leather made in Japan.


The inner material that the instep touches is a microfiber base.


Adopted a soft touch insole with instant deodorant + antibacterial (modeo) set on an antibacterial processed sheet made of 100% scallop shells.

Insole cushion

Shank + W cushion structure that firmly supports the trunk while gently fitting.


A buff sole that is light and supple, and makes it difficult to feel the ground.

strap 10mm wide hook type with rubber / Strap is a type that can be hooked and fastened for easy attachment and detachment. It is a structure that is easy to fit because it is fixed with rubber.

Recommended wise

[E ] Slightly wide


Cowhide / synthetic bottom

Model No.



Made in japan
This item is an order item.
It takes 30-40 days to finish.
After receiving the order, we produce one pair at a time. Therefore, we do not accept returns or exchanges other than initial defects. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
SIZE notation JP EU WIDE
(cm) * sole
twenty two 22.0cm 35 7.8 1.5 1.5
22 1/2 22.5cm 35.5 7.8 1.5 1.5
twenty three 23.0cm 35.5 ~ 36 8 1.5 1.5
23 1/2 23.5cm 36.5 8 1.5 1.5
twenty four 24.0cm 37 ~ 37.5 8.4 1.5 1.5
24 1/2 24.5cm 38 8.5 8.5 1.5 1.5
twenty five 25cm 38.5 ~ 39 8.6 1.5 1.5

Normal size

Type & worries

Selected size

Width fit Foot length fit
EM 23.5 High instep 23.5 You can wear it easily even at high insteps. The strap is just right. OK
MT 23.0 E or EE / Greece / Slightly hallux valgus 23.0 Loose. Thick socks are OK If you have bare feet, you will have extra heels, but since there is a strap, the instep will stop, so it is OK
TK 23.0 C / round / slightly slender 22.5 Just right. The deep cut gives you a sense of security. It was OK to lower it by one size than usual.
NS 25.0 E / Greece / Finger long instep 25.0 Loose and comfortable. There is a sense of security because the toes are long. Easy to wear.
Made to order By making it to order, overproduction and disposal are suppressed.
Made in Japan / Local made

This product is procured and manufactured in Kobe Nagata, which is a local industry.


We give priority to environmentally friendly materials such as the Eco Standard 100 standard for the materials used in our products.

Child Support

Part of the sales of custom shoes is donated to the activity "Peace India Project" of the certified NPO corporation ACE .






    お悩み① 幅広・甲高と感じている方へは





    お悩み② 甲が広くてフラットシューズが苦手という方へは



    お悩み③ やや外反母趾なので痛いか心配





    お悩み④ つま先が当たりやすいのが心配





    (例えば 左足24cm 右足24.5cm / サイズ展開内のみ対応可)



































    ① 発送について

    ② 配送について

    ③ 送料について

    ④ 海外発送/Overseas shipping

    ⑤ 決済について

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    ⑦ 返品・交換について

    ⑧ オーダー商品の交換について

    ⑨ 購入したものと違う商品が届いた場合

    ⑩ 包装について

    ⑪ 各種会員手続きの解除について

    ⑫ 画像の見え方について

    ⑬ シューズの取り扱い注意事項



     ① 発送について About shipping





    ・ Custom shoes_It takes 30-40 days to finish. We will notify you by email at the time of shipping.

    ・ Stock items_Usually, it will be shipped within 2 to 4 days. (Excluding long vacations such as summer / winter / GW of the shipping source)

    -For products with different delivery dates (order and stock products, reserved products) and products with different shipping sources, the shipping fee will be applied individually. Items will be shipped individually.

    ・ Ordered products, stock products, and reserved products cannot be shipped together. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

     ② 配送について Regarding delivery











    ③  送料について about shipping cost




     本州 北海道・四国・九州・沖縄
    LOTTADESIGN.オーダーその他 ¥660 ¥880
    セレクトシューズ ¥770 ¥990
    アクセサリー類 ¥220 ¥220


    シューズ類_佐川急便・エコ配  /   アクセサリー小物類_クリックポスト(日本郵便)



    ¥770 ¥1,650



     ④海外発送 Overseas shipping



    Currently, overseas shipping is available in the following countries.

    LOTTA DESIGN. Only ordered items can be delivered.


    Normally, you cannot arrive or specify the date and time within 2 to 5 days after shipping. ・ Customs duty is included in the product price.

    *Currently, there may be delays due to distribution restrictions in each country.

      TAIWAN(流通王) HONGKONG(流通王) CHINA(Shanghai / Beijing / Guangzhou only)(流通王) South Korea, Singapore, Macau, Malaysia, Vietnam(EMS)
    0.1~1.0kg(1 pair) JP¥880
    (2 pair)
    (3 pair)


    Shoes made in Japan are not included in the prohibited items, but some items are prohibited from import depending on the place of origin and the raw materials of accessories.

    For Taiwan
    Products made in China have export restrictions from Japan.

    For Hong Kong China and China
    There are export restrictions on silver accessories from Japan.



     ⑤決済について About payment






        ・スマホ決済_PayPay・LINE Pay・メルペイ




     ⑥ 注文後のキャンセル・注文内容の変更 Cancellation / change of order details after ordering






    Orders cannot be changed when the order completion email is sent. When ordering Please be sure to check the order details before completing the procedure.

    In the unlikely event that you place an order by mistake, we will only be able to change it before processing by us, so please contact us by email ( within the same day.

    * If you do not receive the order completion email, please check your junk email folder. 

     ⑦ 返品・交換について About returns and exchanges













     We accept returns and exchanges of stock products only if they are unused. Please contact us by email within 7 days.
    We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases.
    ■ Products that have been used once, such as when the product is worn outdoors. (We accept trial wearing indoors)
    ■ Products that have been scratched or soiled by the customer.
    ■ If you lose the package (shoe box).
    ■ Special products such as sales.
    ■ When shipping overseas.
    ■ If the return date is over 7 days.
    ■ Products purchased from other than this online store cannot be supported. Please contact the shop where you purchased the product.
    Please read the terms of use for details.





























    If you receive a product that is different from the one you purchased 

    ⑩ 包装について About packaging





     ・ This site is environmentally friendly and does not overwrap.
    ・ We do not wrap gifts.
    ・ We do not compensate for shoe box defects.










     ⑬シューズの取り扱い注意事項 Precautions for handling shoes












    ・靴は様々な部材から成り立っています。ヒールに打ち付ける釘や足裏の強度を保つシャンクなどの金属部材、クッションに使われるウレタン材、ソールに使われる合成樹脂、接着剤なども、経年により劣化が生じますことをご理解ください 。 



    ・ When you wear shoes, please do not crush your heels. It may come off easily and you may fall and get injured. Please wear it with a shoehorn and tie the shoelaces tightly.

    ・ Be careful when using shoes with high heels or shoes without heels. Since your toes are unstable, you may fall and get injured.

    ・ Be careful when using leather shoes on rainy or snowy days. Moisture may soak in or slip.

    ・ Please wear different shoes according to the purpose. Shoes that are not suitable for the purpose may not perform their intended function and may fall and cause injury.

    ・ When choosing shoes, understand the size and characteristics of your feet and choose shoes that are comfortable to wear. Shoes that don't fit your feet can cause pain and tiredness.

    ・ Should you experience an itch or rash, discontinue use immediately. If you continue to wear it, your symptoms may worsen.

    ・ Please note that polyester suede, natural leather, and shoes without lining may fade to light-colored socks.

    ・ Polyurethane bottoms and fabrics may be damaged due to aging when stored for a long period of time, so please check carefully before putting them on. In particular, storage in places with high temperature and humidity or large temperature differences may accelerate deterioration.

    ・ When cleaning, please use a cream that matches the material. Depending on the product, the color may change, so please try it in an inconspicuous area before using it.

    -When storing, it is preferable to store it in a well-ventilated place away from the ground. Keeping it dirty or storing it in high temperature and humidity may cause mold, odor, and accelerated deterioration. Twice

    ・ Shoes are made up of various materials. Please understand that metal parts such as nails that hit the heel and shanks that maintain the strength of the sole, urethane materials used for cushions, synthetic resins used for soles, and adhesives also deteriorate over time.

    ・ Please understand that fabrics, especially hand-processed, handmade, vintage, and mixed tweed, are not considered defective because they may not be even on the left and right, and individual differences may occur with each pair.

    ・ Regarding glue stains, we are working to remove as much glue as possible from the bottom and upper surface, but please note that some parts may not be removed sufficiently. 

     ⑭メール問い合わせについて About email inquiry




     We usually reply within 1-2 business days.
    If you do not receive the reply email, please check your junk email folder as well.
    Also, if you are taking measures against junk mail, please cancel the domain designation of
    (Please note that you will not be able to send a reply to an email address that has not been released due to an error.)


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