ADELE-roundballet-blackleo Ballet Flat Black Leo
ADELE-roundballet-blackleo Ballet Flat Black Leo
ADELE-roundballet-blackleo Ballet Flat Black Leo
ADELE-roundballet-blackleo Ballet Flat Black Leo

ADELE-roundballet-blackleo Ballet Flat Black Leo

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Round ballet shoes with a clean silhouette. Binder tape that gently holds the foot is used for the shoes. We are particular about the sewing method that allows you to keep a comfortable footing feeling without the tape biting into your foot.

Mulberry silk from USA. Polka dot and leopard face pattern. Pumps-like finish with black velvet heels.


・ Inner _ The inner material that the instep touches is a soft foot with sponge.

・ Ag + antibacterial and deodorant material is combined with the insole_soft touch insole to strongly suppress unpleasant odors.

・ Cushion _ Shank + W cushion structure that firmly supports the trunk while gently fitting.

-Sole_ A rubber type buff sole that is light, flexible, and non-slip.

・ LOCAL MADE_ The production process is carried out in the shoe town of Kobe and Nagata.

■ This product has a wise [E] standard foot feel.

■ Body material_Limited fabric delivered from USA.The pattern is different on the left and right for each pair. Please note.


Material: Silk / Synthetic bottom

Model No .: 002_128

made in japan

This item is an order item.
It takes 30-40 days to finish.
After receiving the order, we produce one pair at a time. Therefore, we do not accept returns or exchanges other than initial defects. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
SIZE notation JP EU WIDE
(cm) * sole
twenty two 22.0cm 35 7.7 1.5 1.5
22 1/2 22.5cm 35.5 7.8 1.5 1.5
twenty three 23.0cm 35.5 ~ 36 7.9 1.5 1.5
23 1/2 23.5cm 36.5 8 1.5 1.5
twenty four 24.0cm 37 ~ 37.5 8.1 8.1 1.5 1.5
24 1/2 24.5cm 38 8.2 8.2 1.5 1.5
twenty five 25cm 38.5 ~ 39 8.4 1.5 1.5

Normal size

Type & worries

Selected size

Width fit Foot length fit
MT 23.0 E or EE / Greece / Slightly hallux valgus 23.0 Exactly. It's easy to wear because the mouth is soft when you get used to it. Since the right side is a small foot, you can wear it without taking it off if you put the insole only on the right side.
TK 23.0 C / round / slightly slender 23.0 It feels a little tight at first, but it seems to get used to it. Since it is a little surplus, it can be handled with a front insole.
NS 25.0 E / Greece / Finger long instep 25.0 Just right The toes are a little hit.

    • ECO_The inner that touches the skin uses eco-friendly 100 standard materials.
    • A part of the sales of custom shoes of CHILDSUPPORT_LOTTADESIGN. Is donated to the activity "Peace India Project" of the certified NPO corporation ACE.
    • LOCAL MADE_This product is procured and manufactured in Kobe Nagata, which is a local industry.




    お悩み① 幅広・甲高と感じている方へは

    ・履き口がバインダーテープになっているデザイン( REGNET / CARRE / DALI / ADELE )がおすすめ。テープ部分がやさしくフィットするので肌への食い込みが軽減される作りです。


    ・甲高の方は( FIKA / TIAM / REGNET / ADELE /CLOUDY /SOLEIL /ABBEY )は1サイズUPでお選びになる場合が多いです。

    お悩み② 甲が広くてフラットシューズが苦手という方へは


    お悩み③ やや外反母趾なので痛いか心配

    ・オーダーシューズは全商品ソフトな裏材を使用しています。またかかと部分はソフトな芯材を使用しています。( REGNET / CARRE / CLOUDY / ETOILE / ADELE / ULLA / TIAM )は裏地がふわふわのクッションライナーを使用していますので、肌当たりが特に柔らかい仕様です。

    お悩み④ つま先が当たりやすいのが心配

     ・つま先中央が当たりやすい方_ワイズが細いか、ギリシャ型の足先の方に多いお悩みです。捨て寸のあるモデルや、甲をしっかり押さえるストラップやモカ、紐などのデザイン( BILLY / JILL / KATE / ULLA )がおすすめです。




    (例えば 左足24cm 右足24.5cm / サイズ展開内のみ対応可)























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