For those who are lost in choosing size and design

If you get lost in order shoes

Most of our customers choose LOTTADESIGN.'s made-to-order shoes in the size of their usual pumps or flats, but there are slight differences depending on the type of shoe.

Advice for your problem

Concern ① For those who feel that they have wide feet and high insteps ,

□ The opening is designed with a binder tape, so the tape part fits gently, so it is made to reduce digging into the skin.


□ It is recommended to choose from a slightly looser model of EE width.


Concern ② For those who have a wide instep and are not good at flat shoes ,

□V cut design is recommended because it is devised to make the instep look neat.


Concern 3 : I have bunions so I'm worried about pain

□Binder tape, cushion inner, etc. are recommended for the part that touches the instep that is softer.


□ A deep cut that covers the bone part of the outer plate is recommended.


Concern 4 : Worried about your toes hitting easily

□Those who tend to touch the center of the toe_This is a common problem for those with narrow width or Greek type toes. We recommend a model with a throwaway size, or a design with a strap, mocha, or string that firmly holds the instep.

□Those who tend to hit their little toes. This is a problem that is often seen in people with wide feet or square feet. Models with a cushion liner, square toes, and wider widths are recommended.

It is possible in the following cases.

You can order by changing the size of the left and right.

(For example, left foot 24cm right foot 24.5cm / available only within the size range)

If you have a thin instep and are worried about it, we have a front insole.

*Please contact us by email in advance.

(Select shoes are not supported.)

Those who cannot recommend

We aim to create a product that is as comfortable as possible, but it is not a comfort product, so we do not recommend it for those with the following foot problems. We recommend fitting in store.

Medium-severe bunions (those who always hurt no matter what they wear)

Wise is quite thin (Wise A/B)

Wise is quite large (more than Wise EEE)

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(Select shoes are not available at the store.)

Does synthetic leather stretch?

・LOTTADESIGN. The vegan leather (synthetic leather/artificial leather) we handle mainly uses soft base material, so it is relatively easy to get used to your feet. We also use a soft heel core.

There is no color or material that I want in a model that fits my feet

・At the Kiyosumi Shirakawa shop, you can change the material and color of the desired model. (Some items may not be available due to off-season items, materials, or colors.)

・This service is not supported by the online store, but it is possible by e-mail. If you contact us by e-mail, we will send you an estimate as to whether or not changes are possible. If you wish to purchase after receiving an estimate, we will email you an invoice. (Only credit cards are accepted. Easy payment.)

If you want to check your own foot size and characteristics, please also see here

How to choose and measure shoes that fit your feet

About correspondence of select shoes

・We accept returns and exchanges. Please check the FAQ for details.

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