2BUY 10% OFF campaign held!!

It's still hot, but it's already September.
At LOTTADESIGN., we have new autumn order items!
From 21:00 today, we will start a special campaign for LINE friends only.
Don't miss this opportunity to prepare for autumn!

[Coupon application start]
Available from 19:00 on September 1, 2023 .
[End date and time]
September 11, 2023 11:00 am
We are delivering advantageous information by adding LINE friends ♪
* If you are added as a friend after the coupon is distributed, it will be displayed in the lower right [ COUPON] of the pop-up menu in the chat.
How to add LINE friends You can add from here → https://lin.ee/rE2MwRg

■Applies to all shoes × 2 items.
■Available at stores and online stores.
Please show this screen to the staff when using the coupon at the store.
■When using the online store, it will be applied when you enter it on the payment screen.
(If you jump from the product page to payment such as Amazon Pay, the payment will be made without skipping the coupon input screen, so please enter the payment screen from the [Checkout] button.)
■Click here for details on how to enter a coupon code.
■Coupons cannot be used together.